Newfoundland Roads - NL 10

NL 10

These are NB, I believe at Ruby Line based on where it leads. As if the trapezoid shields don't give away the age of these signs, the first one is wooden, and its rounded corners mark it as the oldest generation still to be found. The second sign smacks of something town-erected, with too many abbreviations and lines.

NB and SB, showing off the new NL shields that are squares instead of trapezoids, but still retain a little funkiness. The TCH 1 shield is also funky, and I don't like it - the new style removes the province name from the bottom banner! Why even have the empty banner?

The SB sign approaching the junction. NL 2 North just gets signed as TCH 1 West, and NL 2 South gets signed as NL 2 East! Even better, the trapezoids are filled in - and upside down! What madness is this? If NL 2 was ever officially signed east-west and not just on this crazy sign, I want the head of whoever changed it to north-south.

Just north of that interchange, Bay Bulls Rd. WB, a connector from Waterford Bridge Rd. that then follows NL 10 as it begins to the left. Enjoy another round of old shields on a wooden sign.

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