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Misc. Photos

This is the new shield, a square instead of a trapezoid, but at least it retains some character by remaining green and combining everything in a single sign. It's still pretty rare to catch a shield - they're more prevalent in the east, and you may only see one at the beginning and one at TCH 1 if your route is lucky enough to meet it. Most reassurance signage is done by green sign, with ugly white rectangles pointing the way. I spare you from them as much as I can on these pages.

The requisite photo for anyone visiting Newfoundland, NL 80 NB.

Looking south and north at the southern beginning of unsigned NL 3A, Team Gushue Highway (named for the 2006 gold medal curling team, and thus after a living person - but I'll forgive any highway named after curling). The highway is a short connector from TCH 1 to Kenmount Rd. west of downtown St. John's. It's just a coincidence that Kenmount is the former route of the TCH, or maybe not, because there's enough development along Kenmount Rd. to have warranted the connector in the first place. You know this is a stub because of the orange chevrons in the background, and the number is another clue - NL 3 is well to the south. Plans are to ultimately connect 3A to 3, at which point I assume this will become a signed part of NL 3 and 3A will disappear. The proposed freeway would follow this gentle curve eastward to an extended Empire Ave., then head southwest along Blackmarsh Rd. around the West End neighborhood. There's a narrow gap between the West End and Mt. Pearl, just enough to fit a freeway through down to Brookfield Rd. and then the current interchange at NL 2 and the end of NL 3.

Clockwise on the Corner Brook ring road, following the Humber River northeastward.

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