New Jersey Roads - Warren County

Warren County

One-lane stone bridge on the narrow farm lane known as Sarepta Road.

While I'm in this area, Manunka Chunk (not Manunchunck) Rd. NB at Macks Island Dr.

Warren Glen Rd. west out of Bloomsbury.

The Phillipsburg waterfront, at the confluence of old US 22 and another old 22. From this vantage point, the original free bridge is to the right, and the original 22 is straight ahead. Shortly after it was designated, US 22 was moved onto the completed Phillipsburg bypass (NJSHR 24 and 24-28 Link, the original 22 being part of 28; current 24 and 28 are related to those original roads). For awhile, the original road was Alternate 22, and the new 22 came in behind me from the bypass, then turning onto the free bridge. Later than that, the toll bridge was constructed, and the section of highway between there and where I took this photo was de-designated. In 1993 or so, Alternate 22 was in turn removed, and the eastern part replaced with NJ 122. From all the directions of highways that ever passed in front of these houses, there's nothing left now but a few people who know how to skip out on paying a dollar.

Vail Rd. heading north from Station Rd. in Knowlton.

Similar bridges appear as I head north on Union Brick Rd. and turn right, just before the first one, onto Heller Hill Rd. SB. There was once a school bus stop ahead, but now there's just a little T and A.

CR 643 NB and SB, respectively, at CR 632; first photo courtesy Doug Swift. The two routes have a tiny multiplex, so really these photos are at either end of the half-block. In the northbound photo, the first half is on the far side of the intersection with an old 57 shield and a patched arrow (looks like it was a left or right arrow originally), and the second half is on the near side. Based on the order of shields, the arrows are mismatched, but really both county routes should be on top, to avoid implying that CR 643 is "to" itself, and therefore the bottom arrows should match the state route shields - in my opinion. I'm sure other people would prefer the county arrows because they're county routes, and I don't know what the MUTCD has to say about the conundrum. The southbound photo exhibits RIDOT syndrome - failure to cut out an Interstate shield. The problem hasn't crept up nearly as often among county route shields.

Warren County scenery, looking west from CR 643 NB, again courtesy Doug Swift.

The most famous road in the county, although the origin of the name appears to be rather innocuous. Then again, nothing involving death is ever innocuous.

Perhaps this should be the most famous milestone in the county. I stumbled across it on CR 612 east of Johnsonburg, originally known as Logg Gaol or "LG" in chisel-speak. 2 miles east, to be exact, as the stone will tell you.

CR 604
CR 605
CR 609
CR 611
CR 615
CR 627 and the Riegelsville Bridge
CR 629
CR 643
CR 655
CR 661
Brugler Road, Knowlton
Mount Joy Road Bridge, Finesville
Musconetcong River Bridges
Old Mine Road
Riverton-Belvidere Bridge
Station Road, Knowlton
Paulinskill Viaduct, Knowlton
CR 517
CR 519
CR 521
Former NJ 8, Columbia
NJ 31
NJ 57
NJ 94
NJ 163
NJ 182
US 22
US 46
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