New Jersey Roads - US 9W


This original Port Authority signage (above the GSP shield, anyway) stands on Fletcher Avenue NB, just before the beginning of US 9W. It's very likely the only standalone cutout US or state shield left in New Jersey. Click for closeup of the two oldies.

Mainline US 9W

Old US 9W in the Palisades

This scan of the NJ State Highway Dept. 1939 Bergen County map shows what I mean by "old US 9W in the Palisades." The original highway was built along the cliffs, but an inland southbound route was built to twin it in the 1930s, perhaps because tourist traffic was clogging the NB route with sightseeing. (Keep in mind this was the main route from New Jersey to Albany at the time.) US 9W now follows the southbound side and the Palisades Interstate Pkwy. was built alongside it, cutting off the old US 9W northbound side and dooming it to become a stub, albeit a well-maintained hiking trail of a stub. If you like abandoned highways, you'll enjoy that page.

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