New Jersey Roads - US 30

WB signs on Admiral Wilson Blvd., up to the end of US 30 as a free entity in NJ. The clearly temporary NJ 30 shield is at the exit to Baird Blvd. SB. Continue on the I-676 link at bottom for the Benjamin Franklin Bridge.

EB, same "boulevard" (which is now a Jersey freeway - business driveways but no traffic lights).

These signs predate 2001, when NJ 41's county-maintained alignment (hence the multiplex) through Haddonfield was still TEMPorary, even though the concept of finishing the NJ 154 bypass had died long ago. I'm surprised that NJDOT hasn't yet noticed the now-error and patched over the TEMP.

I have trouble believing these EB signs predate 2001, especially the signal overheads. They just don't last that long. So that means whoever is redesigning these isn't bothering to rethink the sign legends, and whoever at NJDOT is reviewing them hasn't caught on.

Westbound at Copley Rd. in Barrington.

Yes, the original McDonald's signs had single arches, and this one's still up at Warwick Rd. in Lawnside.

Berlin is 15 miles to Camden. Thanks to Barry Caselli for finding and submitting this 18th/early 19th-century mile marker.

Eastbound; the last two photos are courtesy Scott Colbert.

And westbound. The second and fourth photos' signs map to the same gantries as the third and second eastbound photos' signs above.

The numbers are centered to the indents on the side of the shield, but not to the shield itself. WB.

US 30 is the White Horse Pike east of Camden, but you'd better know that before entering or moving to Hammonton.

WB courtesy Lou Corsaro, when there was a small detour using Cologne Ave. (Atlantic CR 614). I presume the last sign is an "END" detour that somehow never got posted, because look there behind it - this is on both roads. The first sign needs some color.

Underneath the Delilah Road overpass in Absecon, courtesy Scott Colbert. Usually you'll only see the route number (as NJ STATE HIGHWAY ROUTE 56, in this case) in green.

I got this faraway shot of the only Absecon Blvd. plaque I saw on that overpass, but it doesn't look like the same one.

Atlantic City has grown windmills since I was there last.

Ahem. US 30, like the shield about 100 feet to the east of the second example (the one atop this page). First photo, courtesy Scott Colbert, is in Berlin, and the second is in Atlantic City.

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