New Jersey Roads - US 202 - Morristown and S./US 206

south of Morristown, US 202/206
Guess Branchburg Twp. has kindergartners practicing art for societal benefit.

Again, the appearance of "Penna," just like on I-95. NJ 179 is the old route of US 202, and gets to follow a free bridge into PA while 202 pays a toll. Of course, when that bridge was closed for repairs in summer 2004, that didn't do any good.

The NB BGS is considerably more interesting than the SB BGS, as it invents a little-known US highway. Further on, sign fade that proliferates among many mid-Jersey signal LGS's evidenced at the end of NJ 179 outside Ringoes.

SB at the Flemington Circle, with nice big but since-replaced shields. NJ 12 begins here, heading westward toward the Uhlerstown (PA)-Frenchtown (NJ) free bridge and the northern end of NJ 29. Photos around the Circle are on the 12 page, linked all the way at the bottom of the page.

Inside the shopping center northeast of the circle. I guess NJ 31 is technically a state highway route, but that gets lost at top. I'd be okay with "NJ 31" instead of "N JSH RT".

Now hiring an interior designer or an exterior designer? What's your motive?

Don't leave your Easter eggs in the field or they'll grow too big to harvest.

NB across the Raritan River. Those tile insets are an unusual feature, and the extruded presentation of the route number ("State New Jersey") is also atypical, and yet this 1934 bridge is remarkably similar to one over the same river on US 22 just to the north dated 1942. There are no other bridges between them. Maybe they're related.

Milltown Rd. NB leaving US 202 in Bridgewater. Wrong symbol, clearly. Wrong font, too. And the arrows are backward. Must be the same kindergartners as Branchburg.

Wait, I'm not done. The "10" is not only too high on the shield, it's not even horizontally aligned (to say nothing of the arrows being far from vertical or anywhere near symmetrically positioned to each other). And the degree symbol, yes, it's the wrong symbol, but it's not even in the right place! It's not even remotely aligned with the "10." Probably not even the right color yellow.

Older SB signs, but neither is terribly old. Somerset County likes white instead of yellow legend, although the arrow is distinctly yellow to throw you off. The Ortho Drive sign is not old by any means but has been steadily getting worse ever since it was installed.

NB signage approaching the Somerville rotary. This traffic circle was much more ornery before US 202 through traffic flew above it, but it still needs to die because US 206 traffic toward Princeton continues to increase. That road needs to be a freeway.

SB signage at the rotary, including the last one on the ramp itself. That ramp is also US 206; north of here, US 202 and 206 multiplex for several miles, one of the better-known multiplexes in Jersey.

NB at US 22.

SB signage in the same place. The only missing movement at this interchange is EB US 22 to NB US 202/206.

Looking south at the former onramp from Garretson Rd to US 202/206. This half-interchange (no ramps to the north) was replaced by a full one at the then-new Commons Way just to the south.

The NB offramp is still maintained for utility pole access, and could theoretically still be used by the public willing to hop a curb.

Signs like this justify curb-hopping. It points up Downey Rd., which remains open as the access to/from the north.

Here's what the old offramp looks like from US 202/206 NB. Very hoppable.

Older signs than most on the multiplex, and the only thing you'll hear about I-78 from US 202/206 NB.

North of I-287. NJSHR 31 was US 206's number before 1953.

SB at Burnt Mills and Washington Valley Rds., now Somerset CR 620 and obviously once Spur CR 525. Long ago. Can I have this sign? PLEASE?

NB on the multiplex (approaching the next exit to I-287 NB).

Onto US 202 alone (SB), CR 525 used to just cross here, continuing to the right (north) on Anderson Road straight into Mendham Rd. Now, for some odd reason, it goes the wrong way on US 202 before jogging back onto Claremont Rd. to Mendham Rd.

NB at that Claremont Rd. RIDOT may applaud the yellow-background CR shield (one piece, too!), but I prefer the traditional white on blue Somerset shield.

SB at Finley Ave., now Somerset CR 613 but once Spur CR 527. The Spur banner is gone, but at least for now the rest of the shield remains.

These are on N. Maple Ave. in Basking Ridge and actually at the ramp to I-287 NB, but the narrow 202 shields put them here. I think "SOUTH" went walking in the 2nd photo.

South of Harter Road, SB on US 202, courtesy HNTB.

A rare use of pavement shields off of a freeway, but Morristown decided too many cars didn't know how to navigate the town square. US 202 NB traffic will still use both lanes to enter the square and then try to squeeze over.

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