New Jersey Roads - US 130 - Airport Circle to Yardville

US 130 north of Airport Circle to Yardville

Oldness but goodness, SB. I wonder what else was on the left BGS - I-95?

Newness but badness, also SB, courtesy Scott Colbert. At night this would look like the new sign below.

More oldness NB, sandwiching ramp signage with the eerie green that only DRPA can give you.

SB courtesy Scott Colbert.

NB courtesy me. That first sign really is reflective if caught at the right angle, but the all caps reflects an older age than the overhead sign.

NB at Riverton Rd.; the name "Swedesboro" attests to the number of Swedish settlers in southwestern NJ, and northern Delaware also had a lot in the Christiana area.

SB just south of NJ 413.

US 130 (here NB) does the ultimate disservice to NJ 413 by referring only to what it will be on the Pennsylvania side, right on down the ramp in the final photo. Just because it's not state maintained on this side doesn't make it excusable. Only the old telephone sign saves this run of signs.

Same problem southbound.

Actually, CR 541 ends a block to the left at US 130 SB, so while those signs aren't technically incorrect, they're fairly misleading. The last photo, also northbound, is for Truck CR 541, which you can't tell from the shield. It bypasses downtown Burlington City, which isn't exactly bustling but maybe at least would like some peace and quiet.

Talk about coolness, Burlington City's got it (visit the link below for a couple of nice signs). What you're looking at isn't just the original NB alignment of US 130, but the original alignment, period. In 1924, the predecessor to NJSHR 44 was paved through here, and put on this bridge. Sometime later, when this was NJSHR 44 and US 130 together, the highway was dualized through Burlington to four lanes; the existing bridge became northbound, and the new bridge, still in use, became southbound. Then came the Great Renumbering, and US 130's NB side was moved a block to the east, abandoning this bridge which is still used by quite a bit of foot traffic. The fact that the stripes here are double white indicates to me that it was so striped due to its narrowness for as long as it carried only the northbound lanes - the stripes are quite fresh considering how long this has sat unused. Excitement continues:

This is the junction between the SB bridge (left) and old bridge (right), showing how concrete was simply poured up to the edge of the old bridge without joining the two structures. In a way, this is sound engineering (so that the expansion of the bridge in use isn't linked to the disused one), but it looks disconcerting, especially up close.

This is what causes me to yell for joy in public. This is one of the last surviving remnants of the original state highway numbering system, and is extraordinarily rare to see on this type of bridge (for example, the one carrying US 46 EB - once NJ 6 - over the Passaic River west of Willowbrook Mall has no unobstructed stampings, and is part of a very active roadway).

The old right shoulder curb is rusting away, and the concrete is spalling. Even though there's no more traffic here, weather will slowly take its toll.

The date and route number on the south end of the bridge.

This is it for the old bridge. You can see the path traffic used to follow to the south, defined by seeming old tire tracks and the wide utility pole setback. To the north, current US 130 NB swoops in from the right, under the utility poles, and comes back into the old alignment.

If you missed I-295 heading SB, which is hard to do, you get another chance here at CR 541. This is the last sign in Burlington, by the way, so wave goodbye.

Another instance of the old LGS's, just north of Burlington City.

Southbound at the Pennsylvania Turnpike Extension, technically I-95 but leading currently to I-276 (until a new junction between that highway and I-95 in PA turns I-95 into a continuous route).

NB at I-295's Exit 57, the northernmost meeting of US 130 and what was once built as Freeway 130 (the informal name).

SB, same spot, thankfully temporary.

SB at the same place (leading onto I-295 SB), the contractor was extra careful not to clip the shield too closely.

NB signage through the brief US 130/US 206 multiplex. State-name shields for all!

SB signage, same area.

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