New Jersey Roads - US 1 non-directional

US 1 Non-directional photos

Looking north along the Delaware River at old US 1, known commonly as the Trenton Makes Bridge.

Whitehead Rd. NB brings some of the only side-road button copy in Trenton.

This may not look like the same bridge, but... well, it is AND it isn't. This is the Shipetaukin Creek bridge, looking at the NB and SB sides, respectively. The SB side was built as SHR 26 in 1938, while the NB side was built as US 1 in 1959 (and lettered with crushed glass inside pebbles). Looking under the bridge, though, it appears that there was an even earlier center section, two narrow lanes; the SB widening in 1938 made four narrow lanes (or possibly, but doubtfully, two wide lanes), and the 1959 widening brought it up to modern standards with shoulders. The few existing SHR 26 bridges on US 1 are all in this section, except for one ancient overpass by CR 501 that's due for replacement, and only that northern 501 semi-viaduct is a traffic constriction (requiring a lane drop-add in both directions on both sides). The reason US 1 is four lanes between I-295 and Business US 1, instead of six as it should be, is because little Bakersville hems it in, along with a traffic-tying signalized intersection at CR 546. Due to the protected lands immediately north of that town, it's unlikely a bypass will ever be built to connect the Trenton Freeway with the US 1 "Jersey freeway" north of 295.

Alexander Rd. EB...

...and Alexander Rd. WB.

College Rd. WB.

College Rd. EB (the BGS with the oversize ONLY panel is the same assembly as the WB College Rd. BGS for SB US 1 and I squished it slightly to keep the signs larger). There was no signage posted for South Left Turn Signal, nor any indication that Left Turn Signal begins here. In fact, Left Turn Signal had no reassurance markers whatsoever. I feel gypped.

Courtesy Lou Corsaro, this peeling, town-erected sign is on the NB jughandle for the former CR 522, now CR 681.

This LGS is on New Road EB (really SB), with Monmouth Junction ahead, New Brunswick to the left, and Trenton to the right. If you keep going, you can eventually get to US 130, but not without a couple of twists and turns.

The stub of Northumberland Way east of US 1, hoping to one day connect to the rest of it at Major Rd.

Gotta dig for this one. Hidden Lake Drive at Aaron Rd., North Brunswick.

Former Milltown Rd. EB ramp to SB US 1, closed because of the proximity of the new US 130/NJ 171 interchange and the ability to use 171 instead.

On the corner with CR 529, sadly destroyed in late 2008 or early 2009.

Old street sign at an old alignment (by which I mean 18th century).

As of the end of summer 2008, the new overpass is in place at CR 501 and the old one is being removed. It's seen here in the northbound direction, stripped down to the SB lanes and fast disappearing.

Ferrari F430 Spyder spotted just off US 1 in the Woodbridge Mall area.

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