New Jersey Roads - US 1-9 - US 1-9T construction

US 1-9 - Construction of US 1-9 Truck connector

Until the end of the page, photos are from February 5, 2011.

NB from Tonnele Circle next to the future onramp from the US 1-9T connector/viaduct.

SB advance signs for the future ramps. The second set is for NJ 139, Tonnelle Ave., and a split sign for US 1-9 SB and US 1-9T SB (to NJ 7). Use that information to decode the first covered sign.

Waiting in SB traffic for Tonnele Circle gave me plenty of time to take photos, despite the rain. US 1-9 SB is being widened to 3 lanes, in concrete where they cross bridges, with the right lane splitting off to the connector. The contractor does not do well with warning signs (2nd and 4th photos).

Looking east at part of the future NB onramp from the connector. The green twin trusses carry PATH toward Hoboken over the defunct Bergen Arches, a former rail line to the Jersey City waterfront paralleling NJ 139 and once considered for an expansion or relief route of 139.

Continuing SB, I make my way past the future ramp that will carry US 1-9T, already built in 2012 although it's 10 months away. NJ 7 may still end at US 1-9T at the end of the new Wittpenn Bridge, or it might end multiplexed at US 1-9.

More views of the future NB onramp from the connector. I let some views of NJ 139 east of Tonnele Circle leak in.

The US shield shape is free. Free. Drawing your own has no benefit.

Walking along the unopened, mostly-constructed connector ramps from US 1-9T/NJ 7, the first sight is the US 1-9 truss over the railroad at the west end of the project. Right now, this ramp is redundant to US 1-9T NB, which also has a direct slip ramp to here and Tonnele Circle. The westward split to NJ 7 is useful, but the only traffic using the eastward split is from local industry. It will disappear with the extension of the connector to the new Wittpenn Bridge, at which point local traffic will have to use St. Pauls Ave. to Tonnele Circle.

I'm now in late November 2012, and apparently I'm near US 130. Actually, this is at Manhattan Ave., but the posted detour from Tonnele Circle to US 1-9 Truck/NJ 7 during construction may as well have gone to 130 - for just a half mile north on 1-9 and back south, you would be mired in a half hour of crawling traffic at peak times due to the lights on either end.

Once the new connector opened, the old viaduct was demolished. For the first time, the north face of the Skyway approach became visible. These photos look south from St. Pauls Ave. at US 1-9.

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