New Jersey Roads - Station Rd., Knowlton

Station Road, Knowlton

SB across Paulins Kill and... something. I don't even think the second bridge crosses water.

Even this is more of a tributary than whatever I crossed. It's just north of the most important bridge on Station Rd.

The Lackawanna Cutoff's Paulinskill Viaduct towers far above everything else along the river. Station Rd. is the access for those who want to explore or even get a view from the top. Careful, there are no railings and that first step is a lulu. If you dare, start your adventure at the big link below.

Once you're done being daring, come back north across the two bridges to NJ 94.

The plaques at the top of the western and eastern rails, respectively, of the Paulins Kill pony truss.

Up onto Paulinskill Viaduct

Onto NJ 94
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