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Historic NJ S4A Ends

S4A was proposed as a northward link from Atlantic City across Great Bay to Tuckerton. Two sections were built but completion of the route was abandoned by 1941 once it was clear the bridges north of Brigantine were impractical to build.
Historic Southern Segment

The southern segment of S4A became NJ S56 by 1945. See that page for photos.
Historic Northern Segment - Southern End

The northern segment of S4A began at the dead end of Great Bay Blvd. in Little Egg Harbor.

Historic S4A south as far as it was built, now seashore parking.
Historic Northern Segment - Northern End

The northern segment of S4A ended at US 9 in Tuckerton.

Historic S4A north went straight through the grassy area to merge into 9 north at an angle. Great Bay Blvd. now ends at a T intersection.

This World War I memorial is on the corner of historic S4A and 9.
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