New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Ends - S44

Historic NJ S44 Ends

S44 followed what is now NJ 324 to the former Delaware River ferry in Logan Twp. It was part of US 322 and the designation was removed in 1953.
Historic Western End

Historic 322/S44 west at the former ferry dock.

Looking north from the historic end of S44 at the modern bridge.
Historic Eastern End

S44 ended at NJ 44 (now US 130) and NJ 51 (US 322 to the east) in Bridgeport. 44 was on Main St. until 1937 when the current US 130 bypass opened, but that only moved the termini of S44 and 51 by a block north and still within the current cloverleaf interchange.

Modern 322 east to the exit to 130 south, the location of the end of S44 but now elevated instead of at grade.

322 west at the exit to 130 south. S44 historically went northwest from here into the remaining alignment of NJ 324.
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