New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Ends - S31

Historic NJ S31 Ends

S31 was part of US 206 and the designation was removed in 1953.
Historic Southern End

S31 ended along US 206 at historic NJ 8/31 in Newton.

This was the historic beginning of S31 as 206 north turned right to leave to the square. 31 (now NJ 94) was planned east from Newton but never built or taken over by the state.

206 north at Spring St., historically where 31 north was intended to turn right and 31 south would have entered. S31 began a block to the left.
Historic Northern End

S31 ended at the Pennsylvania state line along US 206 on a now-gone bridge in Montague. There are no traces of the old road in New Jersey.

Looking east from the end of the old road in Milford, PA at the east abutment of the former bridge. 206 south entered New Jersey and S31 south began along this line of sight.

Looking north from the historic end of S31, 206 north from New Jersey touched down along Milford Beach Rd. and continued to US 209.
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