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Historic NJ S3 Ends

The initial segment of NJ S3 was built along Allwood Rd. in Clifton until it was decided to build the route with grade separations, which became the western half of NJ 3 in 1953. Because the Allwood Rd. ends were interim during construction and there were multiple possible temporary west ends, I am not including them on this page.
Western End

S3 ended at US 46 in Clifton.

Historic S3 west under 46 at its end.

46 east at the historic beginning of S3.

The ramp from 46 west to Valley Rd. merged into S3 west at its end and then diverges.
Eastern End

S3 ended at 3 in East Rutherford, which is now NJ 120 north of the junction.

Historic S3 east at what is now the service road exit from 3 to 120 and the Meadowlands Sports Complex.

Historic 3 east at S3 west, now the end of 120 south.

The ramp from what was S3 east to 3 west (now 120 north) joins the service road with access back to 3 west as 120 north begins. The interchange used to be an elongated circle.

3 west.
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