New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Ends - S29

Historic NJ S29 Ends

S29 became the western part of NJ 179 in 1953.
Historic Western End

S29 ended along what was then US 202 at the Pennsylvania state line in Lambertville.

S29 west at its end. This is now 179 south becoming PA 179.

S29 east began along 202 north from Pennsylvania.

Looking southwest at the New Hope-Lambertville Bridge. S29 ended midspan.

Looking south along the Delaware River from the border.

Looking north along the Delaware River, with US 202 in the background.
Historic Eastern End

S29 ended along what was then US 202 at 29 in Lambertville.

29 north at the beginning of what is now CR 518. S29 turned left at the traffic signal in the background.

29 north at what is now 179 and was then US 202. S29 was to the left and 29 continued straight. Taken by Chris Mason.
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