New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Ends - S26

Historic NJ S26 Ends

S26 was part of US 1 and the designation was removed in 1953.
Historic Southern End

S26 ended along US 1 at NJ 26 in North Brunswick.

1 south and the historic end of S26 south.

1 north and historically 26 north. S26 began along 1 as 26 exited.
Historic Northern End

S26 ended along US 1 at NJ 25/US 130 in North Brunswick.

1 south at the beginning of 130. Historically, this was a traffic circle where 25 left 1 to follow 130, S26 began ahead, and 25M went to the right (now NJ 171).

130 north. Historically, 25 continued along 1 north and S26 began along 1 south.

1 south under the new ramp to 130 south in summer 2003. This was the beginning of S26 south (but looked quite different).
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