New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Ends - S24

Historic NJ S24 Ends

The western S24 became part of NJ 24 in 1953 and is now the eastern half of NJ 57. The eastern S24 became NJ 82 and a segment of NJ 439 in 1953.
Historic Western Segment - Western End

S24 ended in Penwell and became NJ 24 west. 24 was intended to follow a new alignment east to Long Valley that was never built.
Historic Western Segment - Eastern End

S24 ended at what are now CR 517 and the south end of NJ 182 in Hackettstown.

Historic S24 east approaching its end. After 1953, 24 used to head to the right, but signs appear to be more recent than the removal of 24 from 517.

S24 east at its historic end. 517 south is now to the right and 182 north/517 north is to the left.

517 north at the historic beginning of S24.

182 south ends and 517 south continues past the historic end of S24.
Historic Eastern Segment - Western End

S24 ended at NJ 24 (now NJ 124) in Springfield.

The end of 82 west and historically S24 west. 24 west came from the right and continued ahead. This was originally a standard intersection but now involves paired one-way roads.

Historic 24 east. S24 east began ahead and 24 turned left. 124 now turns right to circle around the one-way roadway.
Historic Eastern Segment - Eastern End

S24 ended along what is now NJ 439 at NJ 28.
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