New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Multiplexes - 9/35

US 9/NJ 35 Multiplex

Southern End

9 joins 35 in South Amboy.

Main St. heading east from the 9/35 junction across a bridge originally built for 9.

Main St. heading west under 35 to join 9 south.
Along the Multiplex

Main St eastbound in Sayreville at Washington Rd.
Northern End

35 joins 9 in Sayreville.

Signage in the former Victory Circle, just after 35 north has split from 9 north. 9 used to go around the circle but then went over it (and still goes over the remaining intersection). Taken 6/01 by David Greenberger.

US 9/35 north approaching their split. Taken by Scott Colbert.

US 9 south approaching the Victory Circle, where NJ 35 south joins on. The " MILE" was replaced on the left sign, since it's not an exit from the highway.

NJ 35 south in the Victory Circle, showing new signage on the not-then-open reconfigured interchange in winter 2004-2005.
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