New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Multiplexes - 78/139

I-78/NJ 139 Multiplex

Until 1988, this was I-78 and Business US 1 multiplexed.
Western End

78/139 meet in Jersey City.

The first signal on both 78 east and 139 east, which only have signals here on the Holland Tunnel approach. Usually 139 and 78 run on separate signal phases, meeting for the first time east of this intersection (Jersey Ave.), but during construction they ran on the same phase. Perspective is from 139 east.

Former signage on 78/139 west where they split. Neither is signed because the highways were originally constructed as US 1/9 Business (now 139) and NJ 700N (Newark Bay Extension of the NJ Turnpike, now 78).

An older look west at the 78/139 split. Taken 3/2001 by David Greenberger.

Former sign on 139 west leaving 78. Due to construction it has been removed, and may not be replaced because this is not the actual beginning of 139.
Along the Multiplex

See the NJ 139 page for photos.
Eastern End

139 begins along 78 as it crosses the state line from New York.

78/139 east in the Holland Tunnel. Taken 7/3/99 by Ray Martin.

I-78 west in New York at the beginnning of 139 west in New Jersey.
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