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NJ 73/CR 561 Spur, NJ 73/CR 561 Multiplexes

Southern (Historic?) End (73/561 Spur)

Historically, 561 Spur began at US 322 in Penny Pot, Folsom Twp. Now, 73 begins there. For some period of time, both routes began multiplexed, and may still do so, but 561 Spur is no longer in the Straight Line Diagrams.

561 Spur south and now 73 south. Taken by Chris Mason.

US 322 east at the beginning of 73. The 561 shield should include a Spur banner.
Along the Multiplex (73/561 Spur)

See the NJ 73/CR 561 Spur page for photos. Additional photos:

54 north at 73/561 Spur. Signage south of the Atlantic City Expressway (445) tends to show only 561 Spur and not 73 unless it is brand-new.

Conversely, only 73 is shown from a newer sign on 445 west.
Northern (Historic?) End (73/561 Spur), Southern End (73/561)

561 Spur ended or ends at 561 in Blue Anchor, Winslow Twp. while multiplexed with 73. 561 joins 73 at that point.

73/561 south at their split. 73 continues ahead, possibly with 561 Spur.

73/561 Spur south from 561.

561 north at 73. 561 Spur is/was to the left and 561 north continues to the right.
Northern End (73/561)

73 and 561 meet at the other end of Winslow Twp. from Blue Anchor.
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