New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Multiplexes - 526/571, 64

CR 526/571, NJ 64/526?/571 Multiplexes

Western End (526?/571 Princeton)

526 and 571 are signed as beginning multiplexed at NJ 27 in Princeton, although the SLDs officially have 526 beginning at the eastern end of the signed multiplex. Due to signage, I am considering it an actual multiplex for now. All photos at this end were taken 7/2/02 by Ray Martin.

Reassurance signage just east of NJ 27.

526/571 westbound, ending at 27.

27 north and south.
Along the Multiplex (526?/571 Princeton)

526/571 east and west respectively.

Mercer CR 638 south at 526/571. Taken by Lou Corsaro.

526/571 west.

1 south at 526/571 in Penns Neck.
Western End (64/526?/571)

64 begins along 526 (possibly)/571 in Princeton Jct., West Windsor Twp., where they turn from their original alignment to cross the Northeast Corridor railroad.

Signed 526/571 east at 64 east. 526 does head more south than east in Mercer County but is an east-west road overall.

64 west ends and signed 526/571 west turn right. Left is the old road that predates the 5xx county route system.
Along the Multiplex (64/526?/571)

See the
NJ 64 page for photos.
Eastern End (64/526?/571)

64 begins along 526 (possibly)/571 just east of Princeton Jct. in West Windsor Twp.

Signed 526/571 west at the beginning of 64 west. Second photo taken by Chris Mason.

64/signed 526/571 east at the end of 64.
Eastern End (526?/571 Princeton)

526 and 571 meet in West Windsor Twp. This is the official SLD beginning of 526.
Western End (526/571 Jackson)

526 and 571 meet again (?) in Carrs Tavern, Millstone Twp.

526 east at 571 and then continuing east. 571 is sometimes signed north-south and is considered such in the Straight Line Diagrams, but is mostly signed east-west and is considered such on this page. 526 is rarely and incorrectly signed north-south.

526/571 west where they split.
Eastern End (526/571 Jackson)

526 and 571 meet in Jackson.

571 west at 526 and then continuing west. Again, 571 is sometimes signed north-south but usually east-west.
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