New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Multiplexes - 63/501

NJ 63/CR 501 Multiplex

Southern End

63 begins along 501 in North Bergen.

63 south ends at 91st St. 501 south continues onto JFK Blvd.

63 north begins along 501 north.

91st St. east at 501. 63 begins to the left and JFK Blvd. is ahead in this photo.

JFK Blvd. southwest at 501. 63 begins to the right along Bergen Blvd. and 501 south merges into JFK Blvd. ahead.

501 south along JFK Blvd. from 63.
Along the Multiplex

The northeast and northwest corners of an old bridge over a railroad.

63/501 south in Ridgefield, taken by Bill Mitchell.
Northern End

501 meets 63 in Palisades Park.
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