New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Multiplexes - 549 Spur/571

CR 549 Spur/571 Multiplex

Southeastern End

571 meets 549 Spur in Toms River.

NJ 37 west at the beginning of 549 Spur and 571.

37 east at the same intersection. The last photo is on the jughandle to Fischer Blvd.

Fischer Blvd. north at 37, then continuing onto 549 Spur north/571 west.

549 Spur south/571 east end at 37.

First northbound reassurance, erroneously implying that 571 is also a Spur.
Northwestern End

571 meets 549 Spur in Toms River.

549 Spur north/571 west at their split.

549 Spur south/571 east after they meet (two errors on the assembly).
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