New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Multiplexes - 527/533

CR 527/533 Multiplex

Western End

527 meets 533 in downtown Bound Brook. 533 used to end here but was recently extended east to the county line.

527 south at 533. 527 will turn left onto 533 north.

Looking east along 527 south/533 north into downtown.

527 north leaving 533, seen from the stop bar on 533 north.
Eastern End

527 meets 533 in a roundabout in Bound Brook.

527 north at the roundabout with 533.

533 south at the roundabout with 527.

Two views west of 527 north/533 south into downtown.

527 south from the roundabout.

533 north from the roundabout. It ends at the county line on the bridge in the background.
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