New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Multiplexes - 527/528

CR 527/528 Multiplex

Northwestern End

528 meets 527 in Van Hiseville, Jackson Twp.

527 north/528 west where they split.
Along the Multiplex

Reverse-color detour signs on 527 north/528 west.

A cross street along the multiplex. 527 north/528 west are to the right and 527 south/528 east are to the left.
Southeastern End

527 meets 528 in Jackson Twp.

528 west at 527. 527 south (not east) is to the left and 527 north/528 west is straight.

527 north joining 528 west to the left. 528 east is to the right.

First reassurance on 527 north/528 west.
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