New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Multiplexes - 52/585

NJ 52/CR 585 Multiplex

Historic Southern End

52 began multiplexed along 585 on 9th St. leaving Ocean City.

The base of the Causeway Bridge in Ocean City is the southern terminus of 52 and thus the beginning of the historic multiplex with 585. The bridge that 52/585 shared has since been replaced with a wider, modern one.
Along the Historic Multiplex

See the NJ 52 page for photos.
Historic Northern End

585 joined 52 at its current southern terminus at the historic Somers Point Circle.

52/historic 585 north in the Somers Point Circle at current 585 north and the end of the historic multiplex.

52 north then exits the circle alone.

52 south approaching the reconfigured intersection replacing the circle.
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