New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Multiplexes - 5/505

NJ 5/CR 505 Multiplex

Historic Northwestern End

5 meets 505 in Edgewater at its east end. It originally turned south on what is now 505, but the definition was not truncated until 2000-2001.

505 south at 5. 5 west begins to the right and 5 east used to continue ahead with 505.

505 north at 5, historically where 5 west turned left.

5 west from 505.
Historic Southeastern End

5 originally began at the former ferry docks by Dempsey Ave., which have since been relocated north. For the time it was multiplexed with 505, its definition began along 505 at Dempsey Ave.

505 south at Dempsey Ave., the historic end of 5 east.

505 north where 5 west historically began.
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