New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Multiplexes - 47/551, 130/(551, 551 Spur)

NJ 47/CR 551, US 130/551, 130/551 Spur Multiplexes

Southern End (47/551)

47 meets 551 in Westville.

47 south bears left and 551 south continues straight.

First reassurance on 47/551 north.
Along the Multiplex (47/551)

47/551 south crossing from Brooklawn to Westville.

Similar sign on 47/551 north.
Northern End (47/551), Eastern End (130/551), Southern Unofficial End (130/551 Spur)

47 ends at 130 in Brooklawn at the Brooklawn Circle and 551 passes between the two. 551 Spur begins along Kings Highway just to the east where 130 diverges onto Crescent Blvd., but signage is maintained to connect it to 551.

Brooklawn Circle and the end of 47 north seen from Big Timber Creek on 47/551.

130 north/551 south inside the Brooklawn Circle where they split. 551 north joins 130 north from 47 north at this leg of the circle. The daytime photo with the 130 shield intact was taken by Chris Mason.

47/551 north at the circle.
Western End (130/551)

551 meets 130 just west of the Brooklawn Circle at another circle in Brooklawn.
Northern Unofficial End (130/551 Spur)

551 Spur begins at 130 just east of the Brooklawn Circle and the signed, unofficial multiplex connects the two.
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