New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Multiplexes - 47/548

NJ 47/CR 548 Multiplex

Historic Southwestern End

548 met 47 in Maurice River Twp.

47 north at 347. Historically, this was 47 north/548 east from their junction, but upon the improvements that led to designating 347, 47 north traffic must turn right across from historic 548 (now Burlington CR 670) and then left onto 347 north.
Historic Northeastern End

548 meets 47 in Maurice River, where it now ends.

47 south. 548 west historically continued straight.

548 east from 47, first photo taken by Lou Corsaro.

The first signed turn from 47 north is now Cumberland CR 646, which intersects 548 just east of its end. I do not know whether, when multiplexed, 548 continued with 47 to its current end or used CR 646 to cut the corner. Photos taken by Lou Corsaro.

47 north at the current end of 548, taken by Lou Corsaro.
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