New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Multiplexes - 46/183

US 46/NJ 183 Multiplex

46 and 183 met at a circle in Netcong that has since been redone into a standard intersection. The historic junction is counted as a circle for this page, but that's more true in the northbound direction of 183. 183 south passed under 46 west and merged with 46 east just before the circle. Because that multiplex was so short, it doesn't make sense to count it as separate from the circle. Even more historically, this was US 46 and US 206 multiplexed until 1973.

183 north through the circle. The second photo is where 46 east left the circle. 183 is old US 206 and so does not multiplex like signage suggests.

A wider view of 46 east leaving the circle. Taken 5/21/02 by Doug Kerr.

183 south at the ramp to 46 west before meeting 46 east.

183 south passes under 46 west. 183, originally US 206, was NJ 31 before that number was reassigned to what was once NJ 30 and later 69.

183 south leaves the circle. 46 east continued in the circle to the left.

46 west leaves the circle. Between 46 west and 46 east/183 south there was no route on the circle. Taken 5/21/02 by Doug Kerr.

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