New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Multiplexes - 322/536, (45,47)

US 322/CR 536, NJ 45/322/536, NJ 47/322/536 Multiplexes

Western End (322/536)

536 begins along 322 on the Commodore Barry Bridge in Logan Twp. at the Pennsylvania border.

322 east at the PA/NJ state line, where 536 east begins. Taken 8/21/00 by Ray Martin.

Looking east into New Jersey on 322/536.

322 west/536 west at the Pennsylvania state line, where 536 west ends. Taken 8/21/00 by Ray Martin.

322/536 west toward Pennsylvania.
Along the Multiplex (322/536)

322/536 east coming off of the Commodore Barry Bridge.

322/536 west from Glassboro toward the bridge.

322/536 east entering Glassboro.
Northwestern End (45/322/536)

322/536 meets 45 north of downtown Mullica Hill.
Southeastern End (45/322/536)

322/536 meets 45 in Mullica Hill.
Northwestern End (47/322/536)

322/536 meets 47 in Glassboro.
Southeastern End (47/322/536)

322/536 meets 47 just south of downtown Glassboro.

Old and new photos of the same location facing northwest from the routes' intersection.
Eastern End (322/536)

322 west at the beginning of NJ 42 north. 322 west follows a jughandle to turn left and meets 536 in a block.
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