New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Multiplexes - 322/536, (Bus 322, 45,47), 322/536 Spur

US 322/CR 536, US 322/CR 536 Spur, NJ 45/Bus 322/322/536, NJ 47/322/536 Multiplexes

Western End (322/536)

536 begins along 322 on the Commodore Barry Bridge in Logan Twp. at the Pennsylvania border.

322 east at the PA/NJ state line, where 536 east begins. Taken 8/21/00 by Ray Martin.

Looking east into New Jersey on 322/536.

322 west/536 west at the Pennsylvania state line, where 536 west ends. Taken 8/21/00 by Ray Martin.

322/536 west toward Pennsylvania.
Along the Multiplex (322/536)

See the US 322 page for photos.
Northwestern End (45/Bus 322), Historic Northwestern End (45/322/536)

322/536 meets 45 north of downtown Mullica Hill. It used to turn south but now continues east. Business 322 now follows 45.

45 south at the 322 junction in 2011.

45 south at the 322 junction in 2012 with the bypass open. Business 322 east begins ahead.

45 north/Business 322 west at the new 322 alignment.
Historic Southeastern End (45/322/536)

322/536 met 45 in Mullica Hill on Mill Road.

322 west turns onto Mill Rd. just west of 45. Business 322 now continues left on Mullica Hill Road. Taken 1/1/08 by Lou Corsaro.
Southeastern End (45/Bus 322)

Business 322 meets 45 in Mullica Hill on Mullica Hill Road.

Business 322 west at 45. Notice that 45 was signed with 322 overhead even though this was not 322 historically.

45 north at Business 322.

First north/west historical reassurance was before 322 actually joined.
Northwestern End (47/322/536)

322/536 meets 47 in Glassboro.

47 south at 322/536.

47 north/322/536 west, taken by Lou Corsaro.

47 north from 322/536, taken by Lou Corsaro.

322/536 west from 47, taken by Lou Corsaro.
Southeastern End (47/322/536)

322/536 meets 47 just south of downtown Glassboro.

47 north at 322/536. First and last photos taken by Lou Corsaro.

Old and new photos facing northwest from the routes' intersection. Second photo taken by Lou Corsaro.
Eastern End (322/536), Southwestern Unofficial End (322/536 Spur)

322/536 east at their split, taken by Lou Corsaro. 536 Spur officially begins at 42 but is probably signed from here for continuity with 536. It used to extend here but 322 continued east on Main St. so there was never a multiplex to my knowledge.

322 east leaving 536 on their unofficial multiplex, taken by Lou Corsaro.
Northeastern Unofficial End (322/536 Spur)

322 west at the beginning of NJ 42 north and official beginning of 536 Spur. 322 west follows a jughandle to turn left, unofficially signed with 536 Spur.

322 west technically has a very short multiplex with 42 north before its jughandle to head south. Here it is already signed as a 536 concurrency.
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