New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Multiplexes - 40/322, (563, 575)

US 40/322, 40/322/CR 575, 40/322/CR 563 Multiplexes

Western End (40/322)

40 meets 322 in McKee City, Hamilton Twp.

40 east at 322 across from Hamilton Mall.

322 west leaving 40 west. 40 west actually uses a reverse loop jughandle at this intersection so it's leaving 322 west right at the first sign.
Northwestern End (40/322/575)

575 meets 40/322 just east of where they meet in McKee City, Hamilton Twp.

575 south at 40/322. 40/322 east are to the left but there are no left turns; straight brings traffic onto the outside of a jughandle. Taken by Scott Colbert.
Southeastern End (40/322/575)

575 meets 40/322 in Egg Harbor Twp.

575 north at 40/322.
Northwestern End (40/322/563)

40/322 and 563 meet west of Pleasantville in Egg Harbor Twp. All photos at this end were taken by Lou Corsaro.

40/322 west and 563 north at their split.

40/322 east at 563.

First reassurance heading east/south from the intersection.
Southeastern End (40/322/563)

40/322 and 563 meet north of Northfield in Egg Harbor Twp.

563 north at 40/322. Taken by Scott Colbert.

All remaining photos at this end were taken by Lou Corsaro.

40/322 west at 563.

First reassurances heading west/north from the intersection, missing 322.

40/322 west and 563 south up to where they split.

563 south from 40/322.
Along the Multiplex (40/322)

40/322 east in Pleasantville.

40/322 west leaving Pleasantville.

Garden State Pkwy. north.

Garden State Pkwy. south. The last photo is on the Exit 37 ramp.

Atlantic City Expwy. east.
Eastern End (40/322)

40/322 begin multiplexed in Atlantic City.

Atlantic Ave. south at 40/322 west. The "TO" is misleading as 40 begins right here as well as 322.
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