New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Multiplexes - 40/295; 40/700; 140/540, (40, 551); 295/551

US 40/I-295, 40/NJ 700 (NJ Tpk.), 295/CR 551, NJ 140/CR 540, 140/540/551, 40/140/540 Multiplexes

Aerial photo of the NJ side of the Delaware Memorial Bridge. 40/295 enter the state at bottom right on the bridge. 295 north uses the flyover ramp that swings to the top of the photo and left, while 700 begins and heads northeast to the top of the photo with 40. 140/540 begin at US 130 under the smoke to the left and interchange with 295 at top left. 551 north enters from top right, joins 295 north, and leaves onto 140 east at the next ramp. 551 south enters 295 on the lower left of the cloverleaf and immediately bears right on the flyover that continues to top right.
Southwestern End (40/295)

40/295 enter NJ from Delaware in Pennsville.

40 west/295 south entering Delaware. The border is on New Jersey's side of the historical low water mark of the Delaware River.

40 east/295 north in Delaware, entering New Jersey at the far side of the river.
Along the Multiplex (40/295)

DRBA milemarker on 40 west/295 south.

40 west/295 south just west of the US 130 interchange. Taken 3/95 by Alex Nitzman.

130 south ends at 40/295 and NJ 49 begins straight ahead. Taken by Adam Froehlig.
Northeastern End (40/295), Southwestern End (40/700)

700 (NJ Turnpike) begins from 295 in Pennsville and 40 passes between the two.

700 north begins and takes 40 east away from 295 north. Second photo taken by Alex Nitzman and third photo taken 8/10/99 by Ray Martin.

Old signs corresponding to the second photo above. Taken 3/95 by Alex Nitzman.

295 south with 700 south about to end while carrying 40 west.

Advance signage on 40 west/700 south for an exit on 40 west/295 south, and then the overhead signage on 40 west/295 south right after 700 south ends. Second photo taken 1/15/02 by Ray Martin.
Western End (140/540)

140/540 begin multiplexed at US 130 in Carneys Point.

140/540 east from 130. 540 is unsigned until 140 ends.

An earlier view taken by Chris Mason.

140/540 west at 130. Taken by Chris Mason.
Southern End (295/551)

551 meets 295 in Upper Pittsgrove Twp.

551 north about to merge with 295 north. The second photo is newer and shows the Turnpike trailblazer has been removed.

295 north at the exit leading to 551 south; 551 north merges ahead. Taken 8/10/99 by Ray Martin.

A sign from 295 south where 551 south leaves (Exit 1C), taken by Lou Corsaro.
Northern End (295/551), Southwestern End (140/540/551)

140/540 cross 295 in Carneys Point and 551 passes between the two.

140/540 east at 295. 551 north joins just beyond the last of these photos. 551 south leaves 140/540 west on the ramp pointed to in the first photo.

551 south leaves 140/540 west and joins 295 south.

295/551 north at Exit 2B-C where 551 leaves and 295 north passing under 140/540 at this interchange. First and second photos taken by Alex Nitzman.

551 north on the Exit 2B-C ramp from 295 north. It is signed as a multiplex with 40 east but that never happens.
Northeastern End (140/540/551)

551 meets 140/540 just east of 295 in Carneys Point. Before the NJ Turnpike was built it crossed here with no multiplex.
Western End (40 west/140/540)

To get onto the NJ Turnpike in Carneys Point, 40 west turns onto 140/540 west to access the onramp.

40 west leaves 140/540 west.

700 south at 140/540. 40 west joins 700 south at this interchange.
Northeastern End (40/700), Eastern End (40 west/140/540)

40 east leaves 700 (NJ Turnpike) where 140/540 cross in Carneys Point. 140 begins where 40 east crosses 540 and 40 west turns onto 540 west.

40 east leaves 700 north. Taken by Lou Corsaro.

40 east on the offramp leaving 700 at 140/540. 540 west is also left but unsigned.

40 west at 140/540/700.

40 facing east from the 140/540 intersection, but since replaced (the NJ shield should be a US shield).

540 west at the beginning of 140 and junction with 40. 40 east is to the right and west is straight on 140/540 west, even though signs indicate 540 ends. Second photo taken by Chris Mason.

540 east past 40 is signed for the first time as 140 ends, although it technically multiplexes. Third photo taken by Chris Mason.
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