New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Multiplexes - 37/539

NJ 37/CR 539 Multiplex

NJ 37 was never signed west of its current terminus, but a few portions of roadways were built under State contracts for 37 and were inventoried as such in the Straight Line Diagrams until about 1990.
Historic Northwestern End

37 began multiplexed with 539 at Monmouth CR 27 near Cream Ridge, which is Arneytown-Hornerstown Rd. and a former alignment of what is now 539.
Along the Historic Multiplex

539/historic 37 north at 537, which was once considered for a state highway of its own.

539/historic 37 south.

What is visible at each corner of the bridge due to guiderails attached to parapets is enough to deduce the State built this bridge over Lahaway Creek (and, in fact, the entire bypass of what's now CR 27) in 1940 as part of 37.
Historic Southeastern End

37 began multiplexed with 539 at Millstream Rd., just south of the southern junction with CR 27 (Hornerstown Rd.) and the return to the former roadway alignment.
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