New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Multiplexes - (35, 71)/537

NJ 35/CR 537, NJ 71/537 Multiplexes

Northwestern End (35/537)

537 meets 35 across from Fort Monmouth in Eatontown.

Overhead signs at the intersection. The east leg of the intersection is the entrance to Fort Monmouth.
Southeastern End (35/537), Northwestern End (71/537)

71 ends at 35 in Eatontown and 537 passes between the two.

35 north at 71/537. 71 south/537 east are to the right (the arrow is incorrect), and 35 north/537 west are straight.

35 south/537 east nearing 71. Traffic turning left on 71 south (continuing on 537 east) has to use Lewis St. as a jughandle. First photo taken by Chris Mason.

The first 71 south/537 east reassurance, looking east from 35. Taken by Chris Mason.
Southeastern End (71/537)

71 and 537 meet east of downtown Eatontown.

71 south/537 east at their split. Taken by Lou Corsaro.
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