New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Multiplexes - 33/539, 571; 539/571

CR 539/571, NJ 33/539/571, 33/539 Multiplexes

Southeastern End (539/571)

571 meets 539 south of downtown Hightstown.

First reassurance ater 571 west joins 539 north. Taken by Lou Corsaro.

539 south and 571 east where they split.

Reassurance on 539 just past the split.
Southern End (33/539/571)

33 meets 539/571 in downtown Hightstown.

33 west/539 south/571 east up to their split. 539 north/571 west is coming from straight ahead in the first photo, but the street is one-way so 539 south/571 east bear right and take the next left. First photo taken 11/28/02 by Charlie O'Reilly, second photo taken by Lou Corsaro.

539 south/571 east leave 33 on Ward St. and then turn right to rejoin the north/west alignment on Main St. First photo taken by Lou Corsaro, second photo taken 11/28/02 by Charlie O'Reilly.

33 east at Ward St., a block before 539 north/571 west join.
Northern End (33/539/571)

571 meets 33/539 halfway between the ends of their multiplex in downtown Hightstown.

33 east/539 north/571 west nearing 571 west.

33 west/539 south at 571; 571 west is to the right and 33 west/539 south/571 east is straight ahead.

Looking west on 571 from 33 east/539 north/571 west. Taken 11/28/02 by Charlie O'Reilly.
Along the Multiplex (33/539)

See the
CR 539 page for photos.
Northeastern End (33/539)

33 east/539 north where they split. Taken 11/28/02 by Charlie O'Reilly.

33 west at 539. First photo taken 11/28/02 by Charlie O'Reilly.

More modern photo on 33 west with a replaced 33 shield.

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