New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Multiplexes - (28, 202)/206

NJ 28/US 206 and US 202/206 Multiplexes

Southern End (202/206), Circle (28/206)

28 and 206 meet at the Somerville Circle on the Raritan-Bridgewater line. 202 used to enter the circle as well, leaving with 206, but now flies over. 206 joins 202 here via ramps.

202/206 south where 206 leaves 202.

A wider view at the split showing the road. Taken 6/9/05 by Tim Reichard.

Ramp sign on 206 south leaving 202 south showing the multiplex in the circle.

28 east entering the circle.

202 north at 28/206 and the exit to the circle.

206 north entering the circle.

28 west entering the circle.

206 north leaves the circle to join 202 north. 28 west bears left in the circle.

28 west crosses 206 south to leave the circle. 206 south enters and picks up 28 east.

The first circle exit along 28 east/206 south.

206 south leaves the circle. 28 east bears left in the circle and picks up 206 north.

28 east leaves the circle. 206 north bears left in the circle and picks up 28 west. You can see the metering signal for 28 west in the second photo.
Along the Multiplex (202/206)

See the US 202/206 page for photos.
Northern End (202/206)

202 and 206 meet in Bedminster. All photos at this end taken 6/9/05 by Tim Reichard.

202 and 206 north up to where they split.

206 north from the split, with 202 entering/leaving to the right.

206 south at the 202 junction.
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