New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Multiplexes - 27/28

NJ 27/28 Multiplex

Historic Southwestern End

27 south left 28 west at Chilton St. in Elizabeth. 28 east ran alongside this duplex.

27 south turns left and 28 now begins straight ahead.

Historic 28 east from 27 south, now technically unnumbered as only 27 south uses Westfield Ave.
Historic Northeastern End

28 ended at 27 north (Cherry St.). 28 west began multiplexed with 27 south on Westfield Ave.

27 south at Cherry St., now one-way northbound as 27 north but once both directions of 27. This was once the beginning of 28 west (straight ahead) and for awhile the 27/28 multiplex. The destinations on the guide sign are both on 28 west.

Past Cherry St., 28 west is signed as beginning before 27 south turns off. This sign placement was never correct; 28 has always begun at an intersection.

Historic 28 east at its end. I believe the milepost is the "END" for 28, and the old signpost dates to when both directions of 27 used Cherry St.

27 north approaching Westfield Ave.

27 north from the former end of 28.
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