New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Multiplexes - 202/511 Alt; 23/202, 504; 202/504

NJ 23/US 202, 23/202/CR 504, 202/504, 202/CR 511 Alt Multiplexes

Western End (202/511 Alt)

511 Alt meets 202 in Lincoln Park.

202 north at 511 Alt. North is left and south is ahead with 202 north.

First reassurance shield for 511 Alt heading north from 202.
Eastern End (202/511 Alt), Southern End (23/202)

23 north approaching 202 south, which has the indicated multiplexes in both directions.

Same signs before the 511 shields on the overheads were replaced. Taken circa 2002.

202 south exits 23 south where 511 Alt begins. The 202 north ramp entering 23 north is visible to the left.

Same signs before the 511 shields on the overheads were replaced. Taken circa 2002.

A wider view of 23/202 south. Taken 5/21/02 by Doug Kerr.

23 north as 202 north merges in. The 202 north milemarker is at the merge point.
Along the Multiplex (23/202)

23/202 north.

23/202 south.
Southern end (23 south/202/504)

504 east U-turns from 23/202 south to 23/202 north south of the former circle at which it met 23. Because 202 north and 23 north are considered by NJDOT to separate at the U-turn jughandle carrying 504 east, 504 traffic never actually joins 23 north, but 504 shares the same pavement for a few hundred feet before the physical barrier begins.

504 east leaves 23 south on the jughandle to the right.

23 south at the jughandle crossing. 504 east comes from the right and turns left.

23 north at the jughandle crossing. 504 north turns from the left into the separated exit leaving to the right with 202 north, as 23 north continues in the 3 mainline lanes.

Looking west at the 504 east jughandle.
Northern End (23 south/202/504)

23/202/504 used to be a circleplex until the circle was reconfigured into ramps and intersections. It still behaves like a circleplex because both directions of 504 multiplex with both directions of 202 and 23 south.

504 east turns off as 202 north leaves 23 north. 504 west briefly joins 202 north and then turns left to join 202 south.

202 south/504 west (unsigned) join 23 south.

23 south at 202 south/504 west.

Looking east at 202 south/504 west.

23/202 south/504 west from their intersection. 202/504 are turning in from the left. The jughandle takes 23 south traffic to 202 north, but traffic must continue to the next jughandle to get to 504 east.

504 west leaves 23/202 south at this remnant of the original circle.

504 west on the original circle, then the historic end of the circleplex as 504 west leaves the circle.

504 east at the original circle and the historic circleplex beginning, then at the modern multiplex beginning where the circle remnant merges back into 23/202 south.

23/202 south/504 east from their intersection.
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