New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Multiplexes - 206/533

US 206/CR 533 Multiplex

Southern End

533 meets 206 in Princeton Twp.

533 north at 206. Quaker Rd. is one-way north of CR 583. 206 south is to the left and 206/533 north is to the right.

206 crosses the oldest bridge in NJ (1792) just south of 533. The second photo looks south on 206 from 533.

Incorrect sign where 206 and 533 meet.

Looking south on 533 from 206.
Along the Multiplex

NJ 27 south at CR 583, about to end at 206/533. 533 is unsigned along 206.

206/533 south at Duffy Pl., a jughandle to Princeton Ave.

Princeton Ave. west at 206/533.

206/533 south, north of Princeton.
Northern End

533 meets 206 in Montgomery Twp.

206/533 north at their split. 533 north follows this ramp to Millstone River Rd. since there are no turns at the 206/Millstone River Rd. intersection.

533 north from Bridgepoint Rd.
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