New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Multiplexes - 1 Truck/9 Truck

US 1 Truck/US 9 Truck Multiplex

These routes follow original 1/9, also original State Highways 1 and 25, because the elevated section of the Pulaski Skyway does not allow trucks.
Southern End

1 Truck and 9 Truck begin together in Newark at 1/9.

The beginning of 1/9 Truck from the local lanes of 1/9 north. The final photo was taken 6/14/01 by David Greenberger.

Ferry St east, which turns into 1/9 Truck (and was part of the original Lincoln Highway).

1/9 Truck north just after exiting from 1/9 north.

1/9 Truck south underneath 1/9 (Pulaski Skyway). While the ramp to the right technically is still 1/9 Truck as signed, it becomes 1/9 upon merging with the local lane ramp from the Pulaski Skyway.

1/9 Truck south end to the right where the ramp from 1/9 south (left two signs) merges.

Raymond Blvd. west from 1/9 Truck under 1/9.
Along the Multiplex

See the US 1/9 Truck page for photos.
Northern End

1 Truck and 9 Truck end together in Jersey City at 1/9 and NJ 139 (Tonnele Circle).

NJ 139 west above Tonnele Circle, where 1/9 Truck begins on the ground. This ramp bypasses the circle.

1/9 north (Pulaski Skyway) at Tonnele Circle, where 1/9 exits the Skyway as 139 begins and turns left onto Tonnelle Avenue (different spelling, same name). 1/9 Truck south begins at this exit, and is unsigned because it runs in the opposite direction.

The ramp that carries 1/9 north into Tonnele Circle. 1/9 Truck south are to the right.

1/9 south at Tonnele Circle.

1/9 Truck north (left bridge) and 1/9 north (right bridge) at the Tonnele Circle exit.

1/9 Truck north at Tonnele Circle.

Just after 1/9 Truck south begins, at the split with NJ 7 west. This sign is gone with the reconfiguration of what was then the Charlotte Circle. Taken 12/27/01 by David Greenberger.
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