New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Multiplexes - (1 Bus, 1 Alt)/206, 583; 206/583

US 1 Business/206, US 1 Alternate/206/CR 583, 206/583 Multiplexes

Historic Southern End (1 Alternate/206)

1 Alternate (also signed as 1 Business for many years) joined 206 in downtown Trenton. South of the junction, 1 Alternate used Warren St. and 206 uses Broad St. North of the junction, they multiplexed on a one-way pair. Therefore, for one block (Livingston St.) 1 Alternate north multiplexed with 206 south. 1 Alternate was removed from the state highway logs in 1988 but signage for both 1 Alternate and 1 Business persisted into the 2000s.

The first reassurance signage on signed 1 Business north/206 north. Taken 6/23/02 by Chris Mason.

This sign points along historic 1 Alternate north/206 south from 1 Alternate south. Taken in 2005.

1 Alternate north/206 south where they split on Livingston St. Taken 5/23/02 by David Greenberger.
Along the Historic Multiplex (1 Alternate/206)

See the Alt. US 1 page for photos.
Southern End (Historic 1 Alternate/206/583; Actual 206/583)

583 ends multiplexed with 206 south on Princeton Ave. at Calhoun St. in Trenton. 583 used to follow Calhoun St. but this was still the beginning of the multiplex. 206 north is on Brunswick Ave. and therefore this multiplex is southbound only. 1 Alternate was also split like 206. Princeton Ave. and Brunswick Ave. are each two-way, but 1 Alternate and 206 were split because they become one-way in downtown. All photos at this end were taken 7/2/02 by Ray Martin.

Princeton Ave. south (officially 206 south/583 south) at Calhoun St. 583 south ends here, but it used to turn right onto Calhoun St. (now CR 653 south). Historic 1 Alternate south and 206 south continue straight.

The first reassurance on CR 653 south; 583 used to go along CR 653, and ended at 29 or else in the middle of the Calhoun St Bridge at the Pennsylvania border.

Looking northbound at the beginning of 583 north (which isn't multiplexed with anything), from CR 653 north.

The last reassurance sign while on BUS 1/206/583 south, just after CR 622; note that 583 is not included. 206 and former US 1 Alternate south are to the right, but the northbound direction(s) is (were) two blocks over.
Along the Multiplex (Historic 1 Alternate/206/583; Actual 206/583)

This is probably the only 583 shield along the 206/583 multiplex. This is on Olden Ave (CR 622) east at Princeton Ave. 206/583 south and historic 1 Alternate south are to the right; only 583 north is to the left, since 1 Alternate/206 north are/were two blocks ahead on Brunswick Ave. Taken by Ray Martin.

Princeton Ave. south.
Historic Northern End (1 Alternate/206/583, 1 Alternate south/206 south)

1 Alternate south joined the 206 south/583 multiplex in Lawrence, following Brunswick Circle Extension out of the circle where 1 Business now meets 206 in a circle multiplex. 206 south now officially follows Princeton Pike (583), but may at one or more points in time have entered Brunswick Circle and left on the Extension.

All photos at this end taken 7/23/02 by Ray Martin.

Now-inaccurate reassurance signage on Princeton Ave south; 583 south is not signed here but 1 Business incorrectly is.

Brunswick Circle Extension west (historic 1 Alternate south/signed 1 Business and 206 south, officially CR 645 west) at Princeton Ave. Officially, 583 north is to the right and 206 south/583 south are to the left.

Princeton Ave south (officially 206 south/583 south) at Brunswick Circle Extension, where no turns are allowed. Officially, CR 645 west comes in from the left and ends, but signage has 1 Business south/206 south coming onto 583 south from the left.

Princeton Ave north (583 north) at Brunswick Circle Extension. Officially, CR 645 east is to the right and 583 north is straight ahead; according to signage, no numbered route is to the right.
Historic Northern End (1 Alternate north/206 north); Actual Circle (1 Business/206 north)

1 Business and 206 north multiplex in the Brunswick Circle in Lawrence. Historically, 1 Alternate north ended here (multiplexed with 206 north) when 1 entered the circle on Strawberry St. 1 Alternate south began here and may at one or more points in time have multiplexed with 206 south from here; 206 south no longer enters the circle if it ever officially did. In 1988, 1 was moved onto the end of the Trenton Freeway to replace 174, 1 Alternate was removed, and 1 Business was designated to replace former 1 between the limits of 174.

All photos at the circle taken 7/23/02 by Ray Martin.

Brunswick Circle (historic 1 Alternate north/actual 1 Business south/206 north) at the Strawberry St. exit (1 Business south). Strawberry St. officially carries 1 Business but historically carried 1 itself, back when 1 Alternate began at the circle and followed 206. Here 1 Business has a wrong-way multiplex between its official route and its signed route!

Brunswick Circle (1 Business north/206 north) at the Brunswick Pike exit (1 Business north). 206 north continues around the circle to join 1 Business south.

Brunswick Circle (1 Business south/206 north) at the Lawrenceville Rd. exit (206 north). Lawrenceville Rd. is/was signed as if it brings 206 south into the circle, but 206 south joined 583 south 1,000 feet to the north at Princeton Ave.

Brunswick Circle (1 Business south/signed 206 south) at the Brunswick Circle Extension exit (historic 1 Alternate south/signed 1 Business and 206 south, officially CR 645 west). 1 Business south officially continues around the circle toward Strawberry St. The BUSINESS shield is missing; traffic to US 1 south should take official 1 Business south to the left.

Brunswick Circle (1 Business south) at the Brunswick Ave. exit. Brunswick Ave brings 206 north and the end of historic 1 Alternate north into the circle, joining with 1 Business south.

Brunswick Circle Extension west (CR 645 west/historic 1 Alternate south) leaving Brunswick Circle.

Brunswick Ave. north (1 Business north) leaving Brunswick Circle.

Lawrenceville Rd. north (206 north) leaving Brunswick Circle.
Northern End (206 south/583)

206 south turns onto 583 in Lawrence 1,000 feet north of the Brunswick Circle. 206 north uses the circle, and 206 south has been signed as entering the circle but it is not clear whether it actually did at one or more points in time. 206 north crosses 583 at this point and does not multiplex.

All photos at this end taken 7/23/02 by Ray Martin.

583 south (officially 206/583 south) reassurance signage on Princeton Ave. south past Lawrenceville Rd.

583 north reassurance signage on Princeton Ave. north just after 206; this is the first reassurance (there is none along the multiplex).

Lawrenceville Rd south (206 south) at Princeton Ave. 583 north is to the left and 583 south is to the right. Signage puts 206 south straight ahead, but it is officially to the right.

The first overhead sign mentioning 583, on 206 at the northern end of their multiplex.

Princeton Ave. south (583 south) at Lawrenceville Rd. Officially, US 206 south is straight ahead beginning the multiplex rather than to the left.

Lawrenceville Rd north (206 north) at Princeton Ave. 583 north is to the right, 583 south is to the left, and 206 north is straight ahead. Officially, 206 south is also to the left.

Princeton Ave. north (583 north) at Lawrenceville Rd. 206 north is to the left and 583 north is straight ahead; remember that 206 north and 583 north do not multiplex. Signage puts 206 south to the right, but officially it comes from the left and turns right onto 583 south.
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