New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Multiplexes - 19/509

NJ 19/CR 509 Multiplex

Southern End

19 begins along 509 in Clifton.

19 south/509 south where 19 south ends. Second photo taken about 5 years after the first. Third photo taken by Chris Mason predating the first two.

509 north where 19 north begins. Second photo taken by Chris Mason.
Along the Multiplex

US 46 west at 19/509. 509 follows Broad St. on both sides of the 19 multiplex.

19/509 south at US 46.
Northern End

509 meets 19 in Clifton.

509 north leaves 19 north onto Broad St.

509 south at 19 south. It turns left at the "divided highway" to join 19.
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