New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Multiplexes - (184, 440)/501

NJ 184/CR 501, NJ 440/501 Multiplexes

Western End (184/501)

184 begins along 501 in Woodbridge. Until 1974 when the 440 freeway was completed, this was the beginning of the 440/501 multiplex.

184/501 west. 184 ends on the far side of the Parkway overpass.

Old signs on the Garden State Parkway (NJ 444) south ramp to US 9 south. 184 west ends as this ramp merges into 501 west.

The exit from the Parkway south ramp signed for North US 1/9 and NJ 440 actually leads to 184/501 east.
Along the Multiplex (184/501)

Former signage from US 9 south at the exit to 184/501 east.

The ramp from 9 south to 184/501 west follows King Georges Rd. Bear left toward 501 and find the other signs shown here.
Eastern End (184/501), Southwestern End (440/501 Perth Amboy)

184, old 440, crosses the 440 freeway in Perth Amboy and 501 passes between the two. 184 continues as the 440 frontage roads until NJ 35.

501 east leaving 184 east. 501 east bears left on this ramp to 440 north.

First eastbound reassurance for 440/501.

440 south/501 west where they split and 501 joins 184 west. Taken 3/23/01 by Doug Kerr.
Northeastern End (440/501 Perth Amboy)

501 begins along 440 as it crosses into Perth Amboy from Staten Island, New York.

440 north/501 east at the Outerbridge Crossing.

NY 440 north across the border. Taken by Lou Corsaro.

440 north/501 east at the New York state line, and the end of 501 east. Taken 7/30/00 by Ray Martin.

440 south at the state line, where 501 west begins. First photo taken 7/30/00 by Ray Martin and second photo taken 6/5/02 by Chris Mason.
Southern End (440/501 Bayonne)

501 begins along 440 as it crosses into Bayonne from Staten Island, New York.

NJ-NY 440, the Bayonne Bridge. The first two photos look south, where 501 south ends mid-span, and the third photo looks west, where 501 north begins mid-span and heads right.
Northern End (440/501 Bayonne)

440 and 501 meet in Bayonne.

501 north leaves 440 north and turns left from this ramp.

501 south bears right to join 440 south.
Historic Northern End (440/501 Bayonne)

Before 169 was completed to the Bayonne Bridge, 440 temporarily met 501 at W. 63rd St. in Jersey City.
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