New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Multiplexes - (18, 172)/527

NJ 18/CR 527, NJ 172/527 Multiplexes

Southern End (18/527 South River)

527 meets 18 in Old Bridge.

527 north at 18 north, and CR 516 begins straight ahead.

This sign, for 18 south traffic, is on the overpass where 516 begins to the left and 527 leaves to the right (southwest).
Northern End (18/527 South River)

527 meets 18 in East Brunswick just north of Old Bridge.

CR 615 NB at 18/527 south.
Southern End (18/527 Lawrence Brook)

527 meets 18 in East Brunswick just south of the NJ Turnpike (I-95).

18/527 south where 527 leaves, unsigned, to the old Turnpike alignment.
Along the Multiplex (18/527 Lawrence Brook)

18 north with unsigned 527 north.

18 south with unsigned 527 south.
Northern End (18/527 Lawrence Brook), Southern End (172/527)

172 ends at 18 in New Brunswick and 527 passes from one to the other.

18/527 north where 527 north leaves with 172 north (old 18). Taken by Scott Colbert.

Mile END on 172 south, also 527 south. 527/18 south multiplex ahead.

A wider view of the same sign, with 18/527 straight ahead as a six-lane arterial. Taken by Chris Mason.

172/527 south during reconstruction of the 18 freeway and the interchange. Taken 9/14/08.

Looking south on 18 where 172 south ends (right) and 172 north begins (left), passing 527 between the two roads.
Along the Multiplex (172/527)

See the
NJ 172 page for photos.
Northern End (172/527)

172 begins along 527 at Commercial Ave. in New Brunswick.

172 north ends and 527 north continues. Taken by Chris Mason.

Commercial Ave. north at 172 south/527. The signpost is original to when this was US 130 at NJ 18 (originally S-28).

172 north begins along 527 south. Taken by Chris Mason.
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