New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Multiplexes - 171/527; 514/527, 27; 27/514, 18; 18/514 Spur

NJ 18/514 Spur, 18/NJ 27/CR 514, 27/514, 27/514/CR 527, 514/527, 171/527 Multiplexes

Southwestern End (514/527)

514 and 527 meet just west of downtown New Brunswick.

Looking south from Hamilton Ave., 514 west/527 south are coming from the left. Straight ahead is 514 west, turning off of Easton Ave., while 527 south continues to the right.

527 north at 514/Hamilton Ave.
Southwestern End (27/514/527)

514 and 527 meet 27 in downtown New Brunswick.

27 south and 514 west/527 north where they part. The sign is for Easton Av., which is 514/527 (and later just 527).

514 east/527 south at 27. They turn left on 27 north.
Historic Southern End (171/527)

171 met 527 in New Brunswick until it was pulled back to the city line in 2019.

Looking southeast on George St (171 south/527 south), a block before they split, in 1937. In 1937, this part of 171 was 26 and 527 was S28 (later became 18). 171 south was then rerouted to turn right up ahead where 26 used to turn. The R served the purpose of an advance right turn plate. There may be an S28 shield in the background. From Old New Brunswick.
Northeastern End (27/514/527), Historic Northern End (171/527)

527 meets 27 and 514 in downtown New Brunswick at the former end of NJ 171. Originally 18 met 27 and 514 here as well and headed the opposite direction as 527, until 18 was rerouted on its current alignment as you will see below. At that time, 18 was signed east-west opposite 514 on the multiplex.

171 north/527 north at 27/514, where 171 ended and 527 turns left on 27 south/514 west. Taken by Chris Mason.
Southwestern/Historic Southern End (18/27/514)

18 met 27 and 514 in downtown New Brunswick at the location of the current interchange but terminated there for many years and followed 27 across the Raritan River. At first 18 was signed east-west opposite 514 on the multiplex but was then signed north-south coinciding with 27.

27 south/18 south-east/514 west where they split; 27 south/514 west was straight ahead and 18 south/east took the ramp to the right. From Old New Brunswick.

18 north/west at 27/514 where the freeway used to end. The first exit was for 18 north-west/27 north/514 east and the second exit was for 27 south/514 west. From Old New Brunswick.

27 south/514 west/former 18 south-east where 18 left 27/514 for the freeway. The signs may be the same (albeit reconfigured) seen in the black and white photo from Old New Brunswick.

18 north at the exits for 27. The first exit once carried 18 north-west onto 27 north/514 east. The second exit is for 27 south/514 west.

New northbound signage in 2008 on the reconstructed 18 freeway.

An older view from before the freeway was built (I think there was a rotary originally, although there was later a jughandled intersection). This is on 27 north/514 east; 18 north-west/27 north/514 east was to the left. The 18 shield would have been red, part of New Brunswick's experiment with colored route shields. Taken March 1960 by Jack E. Boucher (Historic American Engineering Record).
Northeastern/Historic Northern End (18/27/514), Southeastern/Historic Eastern End (18/514 Spur)

18 and 514 Spur met 27 and 514 in Highland Park on the north side of the Raritan River. At first 18 was signed east-west opposite 514 on the multiplex but was then signed north-south coinciding with 27. When the New Brunswick side of the 18 freeway was completed 18 and 514 Spur met further up, and ultimately 18 was dropped followed by 514 Spur.

27 north/514 east/old 18 north-west leaving New Brunswick. River Rd was 514 Spur west and 18 north/west.

Facing northwest at the beginning of former 514 SPUR, also 18 north-west. Taken by Lou Corsaro.

Former 514 SPUR southeast at its end.
Along the Multiplex (27/514)

27 south/514 west in Highland Park.

Northeastern End (27/514)

27 and 514 meet in Highland Park.

514 east turns to leave 27 north.

27 south at 514; 514 west/27 south is straight ahead.
Historic Southeastern End (18/514 Spur)

After the 18 freeway was complete through New Brunswick and across the Raritan River, it met 514 Spur opposite Metlars Lane and for a while appears to have followed 514 Spur west from there. 18 was ultimately removed.

18 north during construction of the new freeway in Piscataway. SPUR 514 west was to the left, and once 18 north turned left as well, though the multiplexed ended before SPUR 514 was decommissioned. Taken by Doug Kerr.
Along the Historic Multiplex (18/514 Spur)

See the
Middlesex CR 622 (Former 514 Spur) page for photos.
Northwestern/Historic Western End (18/514 Spur)

18 and 514 Spur ended together at NJ 28. At first 18 was signed east-west with 514 Spur but was then signed north-south to be perpendicular.

Facing west/north at the end of SPUR 514/18, now 622. Taken by Lou Corsaro.
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