New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Multiplexes - 130/539

US 130/CR 539 Multiplex

539 used to end at 130 in Cranbury. However, signage always seemed to continue it around a circle with 130 to meet CR 535, and now the definition has been officially extended as well. Because each direction of 539 only multiplexes with the same direction of 130, I do not consider this a circle multiplex. The circle exists from a geometric standpoint but it more functions as a pair of intersections that each do not allow left turns from 539.
Southern End

539 meets 130 in Cranbury at a circle in the median.

130 north approaching the circle.

539 south bears left from 130 south. 539 south continues across 130 north but the left-turn ramp allows for full circulation in the circle.
Northern End

539 north bears left from 130 north. You can see the entire northern left-turn ramp that is part of the circle and allows for full circulation.

539 south approaching 130 and looking straight across the circle. 539 is in a straight line across 130 but must multiplex and cross each side separately.

539 north (formerly Middlesex CR 685) leaving 130 toward downtown Cranbury.
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