New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Multiplexes - 130/295

US 130/I-295 Multiplex

Southern End

130 and 295 meet in Logan Twp.

130 north at 295.

295 north as 130 merges in and then the first overhead multiplex reassurance.

Another view of 130/295 north. Taken by Alex Nitzman.

130/295 south up to their split.
Along the Multiplex

See the I-295 page (Southbound and Northbound) for photos. Additional photos:

NJ 44 north at two different exits along 130/295.

NJ 44 south begins at 130/295.

Red Bank Ave. (Gloucester CR 644) west.

Red Bank Ave. east.

The ramp from Red Bank Ave. to 130/295 south.
Northern End

130 and 295 meet in West Deptford.

130 south at 295.

130 north leaving 295 north. There is a U-turn built in back to 130/295 south serving local traffic.

295 south at 130 south, which merges in just before the last photo. Second photo taken by Ray Martin.

130/295 north up to their split.

Crown Point Rd., former 130 before the construction of 295, north at a ramp connecting into 130 north at Exit 23.
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