New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Multiplexes - 124/577

NJ 124/CR 577 Multiplex

The Straight Line Diagrams used to have 509 Spur extending south from 124 to CR 509, whereas Union County signed the route 577. Sometime in the 2010s, Union County won the argument and now everyone agrees that 577 officially continues south of 124.
Southwestern End (124 east/577 south)

The southwestern end of the multiplex in Springfield is part of the circle. 577 south leaves on Meisel Ave. and 577 north joins 124 east.

124 east turns from 577 south. The cars on the left are joining 124 east from 577 north.

577 south leaving 124 east.

577 north at 124 east.
Northwestern End (124/577 south)

As part of the circle in Springfield, 124 west leaves 577 south and 124 east turns onto it at Morris Ave.

124 east at Meisel Ave. where it turns right onto 577 south. NJ 82 begins ahead. The "West" banner is meant for an NJ 24 shield (via I-78) as seen in the second photo.

82 west ends at 577 south. 124 west turns off of 577 south and continues ahead while 124 east joins 577 south.

124 west from 577/82.

124 east/577 south from 82.
Northeastern End

577 meets 124 just northeast of the beginning of NJ 82.

577 south at 124 west. The opposing roadway is 577 north exiting from 124 east.

124 west/577 south.

First reassurance on 577 north.
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