New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Multiplexes - 124/577

NJ 124/CR 577 Multiplex

577 may end at 124 just east of NJ 82, or it may continue along Meisel Ave. and S. Springfield Ave. to CR 509 along what the Straight Line Diagrams consider 509 Spur. 577 may have always ended at 124, or it may have always ended at 509, or some combination of the two. What NJDOT considers 509 Spur, Union County signage considers 577, so there is no knowing the current or past "actual" situation.
Southwestern (Historic and/or Unofficial?) End

The western end of the multiplex in Springfield is more like a circle. 124 west leaves 577 south and 124 east turns onto it. Then 577 south leaves on Meisel Ave (or 509 Spur) and 577 north joins 124 east.

124 east at Meisel Ave. where it turns right, possibly onto 577 south.
Northeastern (Historic and/or Unofficial?) End

577 meets 124 just northeast of the beginning of NJ 82. Or 577 only begins/began there.
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