New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Multiplexes - (124, 512)/527

CR 512/527, NJ 124/527 Multiplexes

Southeastern End (512 east/527 south)

527 south leaves 512 east at Springfield Ave. in Summit, where 512 east ends at 527 north.

527 south leaves 512 east in the first photo and 512 east ends in the second photo.

527 south.
Northwestern End (512 east/527 south), Southwestern End (512 west/527 south)

527 south leaves 512 west onto a jughandle at Middle Ave. in Summit and U-turns onto 512 east.

24 eastbound signage for Broad St. (512). This ramp merges into the Middle Ave. jughandle.

527 south turns left onto 512 east and Middle Ave. continues straight.
Northeastern End (512 west/527 south), Southwestern End (124/527)

512 west begins where 527 south turns left from 124 north on the Summit/Millburn border. The 124 east/527 north multiplex starts 1,000 feet east of the 124 west/527 south multiplex and is barely half a block long.

124 west/527 south where they split and 512 west begins (missing plaque). This side of 124 is in Millburn (Essex County).

527 north enters 124 east from Morris Ave., turning right followed by a quick left onto Millburn Ave.
Northeastern End

527 meets 124 in Millburn at the Summit border.

124 west at 527. 527 north is to the right and 527 south is ahead. 527 north enters from the headlights toward the left.
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